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Anika Stern

    Hello, my name is Anika and I am a sensuous phone temptress, who revels in the art form of seduction. I don't consider myself a phone sex slut, rather a therapist who enjoys getting into your mind and then seducing you with the information I have about your naughtiest or most secret thoughts. I call it seduction or therapy of the mind.  Arousal and seduction is best built up in the mind first and the body will react automatically.

    I find few subjects taboo and I adore decadent intellectuals as well as the most basic of sluts. When you call, be honest. Tell Me about yourself and your most secret fetishes and fantasies. I'll understand. More than that, I'll inspire you to take them further and show me just how submissive and/or slutty you can truly be.

    I have never been an conventional person but rather an extremist and I welcome ALL fetishes and fantasies.  I am intelligent and intuitive and I can hold a conversation about almost anything.. Among my tastes are: domination, role play of every sort, foot and leg worship, fetish play, sissy or slut training, enemas, spanking, corporal punishment, taboo, bi sexual fantasies and MUCH more!

    Example: Standing at 5'8", I have long legs that any man would be fortunate to touch. Adorned in the finest silk stockings and my favourite stilettos, I will tease and taunt you with them, lifting my skirt an inch at a time and bidding you to run your hands along their smooth lines. How quickly you will become a slave to my desires. Kissing my legs for hours on end, massaging them with my favourite lotions and oils. Oh yes, leg piggy, you have a job to do here. Would you like to lick my ass slut? you will have to earn that privilege first. Perhaps its time you met my feet. My shoe size is a 9 1/2, and my pedicure is always perfect. High arches attest to my fine breeding. My toes are usually painted wine red.  Suck them into your wanton mouth and tell me how good they taste. I can wrap my feet around your cock and make it jump for more. Cum is great for the skin. I love having cum rubbed into my perfect feet, after a good foot fuck session. Do you care to contribute to my skin care?

    Many ask me what turns "me" on?  Well I have to say I do not fit into any one category. I adore sensuality and find sex appeal in many forms of play. The phone is a wonderful outlet to communicate our most deviant desires and fantasies. We can play them out and never have to worry about hurting or offending someone. I do not say the same thing over and over, I change with the individual, I can be soft and sensuous, strict but nurturing, nasty and controlling, I can humiliate you and degrade you. 

    I expect my submissive callers to articulate what types of service they are interested in performing, as well as any limits they might have. It is essential for us to understand what your vision of your sessions is, from the beginning, to ensure that I lead you in the right direction. I am intuitive, but I don't play guessing games with first time slaves. So speak up!

    I am a mixture of nurturing and being bitchy and controlling. I can be misunderstood but I am a female and that mystery is not for you to unravel.  Often people comment that I sound so "nice" to them and that they expected me to be bitchy and angry. That is not my style and I do not believe that dominant women have to snarl at people 24/7. Though I will when it suits me. Many mistakenly think that dominants are angry women who do nothing but snarl 24/7. That simply isn't the case. I also welcome calls from those of you who just want to explore your interest in submission or fetishes, via a casual discussion.

    I believe that I can offer you a unique experience not only because of my talents, but also because I am a one woman service and that is sometimes hard to find. There is the large "phone sex companies" where you get scripted fantasies and impersonal experiences. You also don't know who you are talking too. It could be some teenager sitting at a desk with 20 other people or a 400 pound housewife. When you spend time with me, I am alone in the privacy of my house and anything that goes on between us, is between us only and you know who you are speaking to.

    Keep in mind that because I am a one woman service, there will be times when I am not available to answer the phone. I have a life. My usual hours of availability are 10 a.m. - 8 p.m., Eastern time. Feel free to try me at any time though, because there will be exceptions, when I am free at other times.

    The question I am often asked: "Why phone sex?" The answer: First, I shy away from the term "phone sex," because it doesn't do justice to the experience I provide. Yes, I am educated, very experienced with all sexuality and yes, I could be doing many things, but the truth is that I love sex and all that deals with the erotic.

    I find the human sexual psyche to be fascinating and I have always been highly attracted to things that others find hard to wrap their minds around.  I also enjoy being my own boss and not having to stifle my opinions. For me, it's the best of all worlds.

    You have a safe place to explore here. Everything from the most soft core phone fantasies to the most forbidden, taboo scenes ....I delight in leading you astray.
    So what are you waiting for?

Stop staring at my pictures and call me *smiles*



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