Hello all my fellow enema lovers. I thought I would tell you a bit about myself and about why and how I have acquired an interest and absolute "passion" in the enema scene. I have met so many wonderful people in the past 3 years since I have become an enema nurse and I am learning and exploring and thank you all for sharing your time and thoughts with me. First of all I am not like so many of you wonderful people out there who have been experimenting and enjoying enemas since puberty. No I did not begin with this fetish when I was very young nor did I even imagine or think to explore it. It was an evolution and a result of my constant desire to discover new and exciting sexual explorations. I just happened onto it and realized that I had found my true calling after all these years of exploring my sexuality as well as that of others. I always wanted to be a nurse, I just loved the thought of helping people and nurturing them while they were ill and nursing them back to health. Unfortunately my circumstances when I was growing up did not allow me to pursue a career of any kind. My family were involved with a cult type religion and I was not allowed to pursue higher education or a career. I was forced to study the bible day and night and to devote my life to preaching the "truth" as a missionary. I got so fed up with this life that I left home and the congregation and ended up in the world at the age of 18 without family or a single friend. I had no training, or experience with the world and people. I had been sheltered and so ended up trusting and associating with people who did not have my best interests at heart. So for a long time in my life I was trapped in a situation that did not allow me to achieve anything but surviving in the big world.

    About 20 years ago I began to explore alternative sex and began offering my Service for those who wished to explore their fetishes with a Lady who was understanding. I started a service where they would hire me for a few hours to consult and play out their fantasies. I began with spanking and role-play as this was an area that excited me personally. I used to play with my dolls in my closet when I was a young child of about 10 or 11. I would have them spank each other and then I would experience this pleasurable tingling between my legs. It felt so good but I was thinking that it might be bad so that is why I played with them in the closet. Later in my adult life I would conjure up a fantasy that a man of authority such as my uncle or employer would order me into his office for some misdemeanor that I had done and then proceed to spank me for it. It would really excite me to think that he didn't want his wife or some member of the office or family to discover that he was pulling down my pants and chastising my bottom. So he would take me into his walk in closet and spank me there and then force me to perform sexual no no's with him. Quite frankly taboo turned me on.

    So I got started with spanking and one thing led to another and I discovered bondage and its erotic aspects. I discovered that many men love to dress up in women's clothes and the fetishes involved with that. I discovered men loved to explore anal sex and toys with someone such as myself. The reason was mostly because their wives or girlfriends or they themselves thought anal sex meant you were Gay. There are so many straight men out there to this day who are embarrassed to tell their partner that they enjoy anal sex.  I began to really love to fuck a man with my fingers and hands, to massage and explore his most inner secret parts. I love my hands and fingers up there more than toys while I am massaging his cock to orgasm. It such a rush to feel the rectum squeezing my fingers and hands as my guy orgasms for me. I do have a bit of penis envy I must say. In any case this love of anal play led to my need to give my playmates an enema for cleaner playtime. I then discovered the erotic area of giving an enema for control over the person or humiliation. I started letting people know that I was interested in learning more about enemas and methods and equipment to administer them. I was fascinated with watching videos from Europe that depicted them in less than pretty Hollywood terms. Then I discovered that there were lots of people out there who have a "fetish" for enemas and enema equipment. It was a challenge that I decided to embrace and here I am now with a Enema Website and with a enema medical room and lots of enema equipment. Here I am meeting people everyday on the web or in person and discussing and enjoying the nurturing and erotic aspects of enema play. I am constantly learning more and more and I seek more knowledge and it is my dream to have a complete medical white room with "all" the goodies. I am now expanding further and have discovered that "rubber" plays a wonderful part in the world of enemas. I am ever evolving and would welcome some new playmates who would help me understand and acquire the rubber and latex equipment required to enhance the enema pleasures.

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