A Day at the
Forbidden Sanctuary's
Special Clinic

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The following is a true account written by
a patient that regularly stays at the

Forbidden Sanctuary

    Nurse Anika asked me if I had a bowel movement this morning, and I truthfully told her no. She looked me in the eye, and told me, "You remember what happens to little boys who don't have a bowel movement, don't you?"

    I replied, "I think I got a laxative once after I was too old for enemas."

    "You're never too old for an enema, young man, and you're going to get a thorough enema punishment for being so lax in your bowel habits." Declared the Nurse Anika. "Take off your clothes, and get on the treatment table, I'll get your enema ready."

    I listened nervously as I heard the running water and shortly the Nurse Anika returned with a huge bag that I could see through, and the water was cloudy with soapsuds on top. The Nurse Anika explained, "This is a big soapy enema, just the thing to punish a little boy who doesn't pay enough attention to his bowel habits. And, because this is a little boy problem, you're going to be treated just like a little boy!"

    She snapped on a rubber glove, and proceeded to put me on my back, she lifted my legs with one arm while the hand with the glove was dipped into something slippery and her fingers entered my butt hole. She spent about a minute lubricating me, and then she announced it was enema time. She inserted the enema nozzle in me, and then took off her rubber glove and threw it in the trash.

    I wasn't expecting the next thing either. She unbuttoned her blouse and told me, "I don't want you whining and complaining about your enema so you're going back on the titty, just like a little boy. I expect you to nurse properly too, and it will help you take all of your enema."

    With that, she leaned over and inserted a nipple in my mouth, and stroked my cheek, telling me the enema was starting. I heard the click and felt the familiar warmth, then she told me that she would stop it for a moment if there was any cramping, but that I was expected to take the whole bag. "If you can't take it all," She added, "You go to the toilet and get rid of it, and then we have to start all over again."

    She kept urging me to keep nursing, "Like a good little boy," and she was very kind and tender, but she didn't let me forget that the enema was a punishment for my "bad bowel habits" and that I'll never be too old to be punished with a big soapy enema. She also informed me I would be given a big rinse enema too, so all the soapy water would be cleaned out of me. Then she told me there was a special way she would check for cleanliness after my enemas with a special tool that she straps on to her body and uses to probe up my butt.

    She was very kind and gentle, even though she made me take the entire bag of soapy water. Later when she bent me over the table to insert the special tool and probe me with it, it felt almost as if she was fucking me.

Written by -  Anonymous Patient

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